How to Delete PicsArt Account-5 Easy Steps

How to Delete PicsArt Account

PicsArt is a versatile Photo and video editing application that is famous worldwide. Suppose you want to take a break from social media or if you find a much better editing app from Picsart. And now you want to delete the Picsart Account.

PicsArt is a versatile Photo and video editing application that is famous worldwide. Suppose you want to take a break from social media or if you find a much better editing app from Picsart. And now you want to delete the Picsart Account.

Security before Deleting a PicsArt Account

The following are the important factors that you should check before deleting your account.

Data Backup

Data Backup is the most essential part before deleting the Picsart account. It will help users to prevent the permanent loss of important data or content. Through this technique, the Users can get the Data or content such as images, videos, logos, and artwork and save them in the device storage.

Download the Shared Photos and Videos

Picsart offers a user community where they share their creative design and also get inspired by the work of other Picsart members. Let me tell you an important fact I learn a lot of things from the Picsart community. So before deleting the account save all the images and film that you share in that community.

Understand Subscription Rules

Before deleting the account you should understand all the rules and policies of the app. That may cause complications in your active subscription and the effect of deleting your Picsart account.

Cancel Subscriptions

If you have a great experience with a Picsart subscription premium features So now it is time to say it good by. Go to the Picsart setting and hambly cancel the subscription. After the app will not cut the charges of subscription after deleting the account.

Review Privacy Settings

check all the personal information of your account such as username, Bio, profile image, and other settings of your account. Review and adjust them before deleting the account

Contact your friends

If you are connected with your buddies and followers on this application, notify them about your decision to delete the PicsArt account and attach them through other social media outlets.

Complete the pending projects

If you are a designer, Edit different photos and videos for your client through this app. So kindly complete all your pending projects.

Step-By-Step Procedure To Delete Your Account

Suppose you want to delete the Picsart account permanently. So follow the guides below.

Step 1: Accessing your Account Settings

Open the Picsart app on your device with the help of a username and password. After logging into the account, click on the setting icon that is present at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Locate the Account Deletion Option

After tapping on the setting icon. You will see your personal date of the account. Now scroll down and discover the delete account button.

Step 3: Confirm Your Decision to Delete PicsArt Account

When you click on the account delete button, you will see a different option. Select any reason why you delete the account. Now, click on the “Continue to Account Deletion “ button.

Step 4: Additional Verification

In some apps when you delete your account, they need some additional verification “Enter the password” to prevent accidental deletion. So enter your Password and click on the continuous button.

Step 5: Concluding the Process

In the last step, you will only tap on the delete account button. The app will be permanently removed from your device and you will get an email about the successful deactivation of your account.

Why do Users want to Delete Accounts?

The following are some issues that may user face and want to delete the Picsart account.

Privacy Concerns:

The digital world is developing day by day, So people are very much concerned about their personal data such as images, video artwork, etc, So, they want to delete their PicsArt account due to the security of personal information.

Find a better editing platform:

when the Picsart software is not successful do the work art of users. The search for another better editing platform and then move toward it. This may be a second reason for the deletion of the account.

Unsatisfactory User Experience:

It might happen that the user is not satisfied with the app interface or faces some lock features, bugs, or glitches, So he/ she decides to delete the Picsart account.

Financial Problems:

Sometimes the users face financial problems. And they cannot pay for a Gold subscription. So they delete the account.

Social Reasons:

sometimes people are disturbed by the notifications of the Picsart community and want to delete the account


In the above first we all the important factors of security before deleting of Picsart app in detail. Further, I explain to the complete producer “how to Delete the Picsart account” in an easy word. In the blog, I also discuss some reasons “why the user wants to delete the account” that they face while using the software.

Before deleting the Picsart account make sure that it is not possible to recover the account again. So make sure your decision before removing the application.


A:After deleting the Picsart account it is not possible to recover the account again.

A:No, you cannot get your money back because Picsart has no refund policy.

A:After the deletion of the picsart account, all the images, videos, and other data will be permanently deleted.

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