How to create a photo collage on an iPhone

reate a photo collage on an iPhone using Picsart

In any presentation, creating collages of different photos is like hitting two birds with one stone not only does it make your topic easier to grab, but it also adds visual attraction. Now the question is which photo editor will do this incredible work. For that purpose, there are so many apps on the internet that you can utilize to make collages, but the most promising one is the Picsart photo editor.

 In the blog, I will discuss how to create a photo collage on an iPhone using the Picsart photo editor. The Picsart app gained huge popularity due to its user-friendly interface in a very short period. There are so many editing tools that you can use to edit the collage uniquely. Now stay with me to understand the procedure of making a collage on an iPhone with Picsart, which stands out like a shining beacon in photo editing apps.

The process to create the photo collage on iPhone through Picsart?

  • You can easily make the photo collage on your iPhone by following the simple steps.
  • open the Picsart application on your IOS
  • select the photo from the gallery, to which you want to make the collage.
  • you may use different frames such as grid, freestyle, or scrapbook to make the collage more appealing 
  • You can also remove the background from photos and place another better background on your choice.
  • Add some papular filters and effects to your collage.
  • After your satisfaction save the edit.

PicsArt Features for iPhone Photo Collages

Feature / BenefitDetails
Easy to Use InterfacePicsart is designed to be simple and easy for anyone to use.
Variety of ToolsYou can choose from different layouts like grids or scrapbooks, and even remove backgrounds.
Filters and EffectsAdd special effects and filters to make your collages look unique and attractive.
Ready-Made TemplatesUse pre-designed templates to quickly create stylish collages.
Community InteractionJoin the Picsart community to share your work and get inspired by others.
Works on Many DevicesYou can use Picsart on iPhones, Android phones, computers, and more.
Extra FeaturesEdit videos, make custom stickers, and use advanced tools like AI for editing.
Maximum Photos per CollageCombine up to 10 photos into one collage using Picsart.

About Picsart 

In addition,  the app lets you edit videos, create custom stickers, and use its catalog of AI tools for your projects. There are multiple filters and effects which you can use on your photos and videos. Picsart allows you different pre-made templates which makes your editing easier. furthermore, in the app, you can play with various unique editing tools such as fonts, elements, stickers, remove backgrounds, AI tools, background blur, and many more.

The app has gained a lot of popularity due to its simple and easy user interface. This software is available for different devices such as Andriod, iPhone, Mac, PC, etc.


In the article, I explain the method how to create a photo collage on an iPhone by using Picsart. After that, I provide unique information about the Picsart application.  Now download the Picsart software from the App Store and enjoy your editing journey on your iPhone. Now our mini topic is finished if you have any questions about this topic, So feel free to ask the question in the comment section.  


A:The Picsart editing app is the best for making a photo collage.

A:The main advantage of the Picsart Photo collage is to combine the images.

A:You can add up to 10 photos in your photo collage.

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