PicsArt vs Instagram: An Easy Guide to Choosing the Best for You

Picsart  vs Instagram

Picsart and Instagram are two primary players in this digital world of photo editing apps. Both applications provide an outstanding wide range of editing features and templates. The main purpose of both the software is to make the photo eye-catching and improve your digital creativity. 

In this blog, I will give you all the information about PicsArt vs Instagram APK Further, we will also compare important features of both software.  And the end you will easily choose the best editing app that fulfills your needs. So now let’s start!

PicsArt vs Instagram

Picsart APK MOD Overview

Picsart mod APK is the modified form of the original Picsart app. It allows users to utilize all the premium features and editing tools without any charge. While using the pro filers, effects, templates, and AI tools users can make one of the best art. 

This popular photo editing app is available for iPhone, Mac, and Android. The app has almost 150 million active users all over the world. You can get help from support when facing any issue while using the app. The application offers users a community where they can share their creative art.

PicsArt vs Instagram

Instagram MOD APK Overview

Instagram Mod APK is the modified form of the original Instagram app. It is also considered as best photo and video editing software. In the mod version, you can use all the premium features free of cost. It allows you many pro filters and effects to create a unique design.

If you want to use this app you must have an active internet connection and an Android device. You cannot utilize the premium feature without an active Instagram account.  To download the app you need about 60.05 MB net.

Picsart MOD APK Features

Filters And Effects

  This outstanding app lets users use many trending filters and effects that they may use in their photos and videos. It has various editing options from Vintage,  bokeh, and retro filters to Sketch and Oil Painting effects. While using all these filters and effects you can enhance your photo easily. 

Export Images in Different Formats

Picsart Gold APK is the best editing app for newbies and experienced editors. After finishing the edit you will find a lot of options to export the photo. Here you can export the picture in a different format such as PNG, PNG, JPEG, SVG, etc.  MP3 and MP4 formats are normally utilized for audio and video exports respectively.

Social Media Integration

This is an amazing feature on the Picsart Pro APK. This feature allows you to share the edited design directly on different social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and many more.

AI Tools

Picsart mod APK introduces AL tools that are very helpful for users. The AI tools are AI sticker makers, AI Background Removers,AI story generator ,AI Replace, AI GIF generators and many more. Due to these AI tools, the Picsart app gained a lot of popularity in the digital world. 

Magic, Drawing, and Text Tools

Magic tools in Picsart can assist you make excellent eye-catching designs just like real weather effects. Drawing tools are used to draw different outstanding sketches. Text tools help to add unique text to the images.

More Picsart Pro Features

  • Advanced Photo Editing Tools
  • No Watermarks
  • No Ads
  • Creative Editing Tools
  • Dedicated Social Media Community of Picsart Users
  • AI Background Remover
  • Drawing Tools
  • Text Tools
  • LaAI Replace
  • Sticker Maker Tool
  • AI Replace
  • fully Unlocked Templates and Filters
  • Premium Assets and Tools

Instagram MOD APK Features

Ad-Free Experience

In the Instagram editing app, you will feel bored while doing work due to a lot of ads. But don’t worry I have another great option for downloading the Instagram Mod APK you can get an ad-free environment with many premium features unlocked.

Save images

In Instagram APK Mod, you can efficiently save and export edited photos in your device’s gallery. Once your edit is completed, you can just tap on the download icon and the picture will be saved in your gallery. 

Cool and Trending Filters and Effects

The Instagram mod APK offers users so many trending and unique filters and effects. While applying these special filters and effects you can get a professional looking Photo.

Instagram live 

Utilizing Instagram mod APK, you may play with another feature, “spy trick”. This platform lets you watch the live streaming of other celebrities without revealing your original identity. You have an extra benefit to utilizing Instagram. Read online public comments that do not even show your name in the watch list.

Access to Quality Content

With the help of the Instagram mod version, you can manage the content (photos and videos) you see on the application. In the app, you have great control over all the Important editing tools.

More Instagram MOD features

  • Download Stories and Media
  • Rich Library of Live Effects
  • Live Effects Feature in Video Calls
  • Translation Options
  • App Lock
  • Exposure
  • Discover brands
  • Chats DND Mode
  • Copy/Paste Captions
  • Ultra Privacy Protection
  • Amazing Editing Designs
  • Edit before sharing
  • Desktop and PC App available
  • Social Media Community
  • Save and Download IGTV Videos and Reels
  • Add Multiple Pictures (Instagram Layouts)
  • Reach an audience with Hashtags
  • Connectivity with followers
  • Share special moments

Picsart  vs Instagram cost price Comparison

Picsart price

Picsart pus    5$/mo
piscart pro    7$/mo
Picsart Plus60$/year
Picsart pro84$/year
Picsart price table

Instagram price

Subscription TierMonthly FeeFeatures
Starter$1.99Basic features
Standard$2.99Basic features
Plus$4.99Basic features
Premium$9.99Exclusive content
Gold$19.99Exclusive content
Platinum$49.99Exclusive content
Ultimate$99.99Exclusive content
Instagram price table

PicsArt vs Instagram : A Comparison in a Table

FeaturesPicsart AppInstagram App
SizeChanges depending on versionChanges depending on version
PriceCompletely FreeCompletely Free
AdsNo Ads No Ads
Premium FeaturesNot AvailableNot Available
Modified FeaturesAI-powered tools, Magic Tools, Drawing Tools, Text Tools, Layers, Collage Maker, Image Remixing Tools, etc.Download photos and videos from Instagram, etc.

Conclusion  which editing app is best?

Now it is time to choose which editing app is best between PicsArt APK MOD and Instagram APK MOD.So it depends upon your task and requirements. Picsart mod APK offers you a wide range of editing tools and features that you can use to turn ordinary photos into art.

 Instagram APK MOD has a secure and private social media experience. It focuses on privacy, ad-free use, and access to exclusive content. Now it depends upon you to choose the app according to your needs. But according to my choice, Picsart Mod APK is the best option for beginners, So download now and start editing.

PicsArt vs Instagram:FAQs

A:Yes both Instagram and Picsart APK are safe to use.

A:yes, you can use Picsart free without any cost.

A:Yes, the Picsart app can be used offline.

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