PicsArt vs Prisma: Simple Guide 2024

Picsart vs Prisma

Picsart and Prisma are two famous photo editing apps in 2024 with all the basics and advanced features and tools. The main focus of both software is to make the picture gorgeous and eye-catching. Both applications offer different templates, filters, effects, and many more features that you can apply to your photos to make them sparkle. 

In this article, we will compare important similarities and differences between Picsart and Prisma in depth. Further, I will discuss which photo editing works best on mobile phones. So let’s begin!

Comparison between the Picsart vs Prisma

Comparison between the Picsart vs Prisma

AI Generative Tools and Features

In the Picsart mod APK, there are a lot of AI generative tools such as AI sticker marker, AI background Remover,  AI GIF generator, text-to-image, and many more. But comparatively, Prisma has limited AI features such as AL filters and effects.

Supported Platforms

Piscart Pro is supported on Android, iPhone, and web. Prisma application is also supported on  Andriod, IOS, and the web. You can download Picsart from my website for IOS, Mac, and PC freely.

Subscription Cost 

Picsart price 

Picsart pus    5$/mo
piscart pro    7$/mo
Picsart Plus60$/year
Picsart pro84$/year
Picsart price table

Prisma price 

prisma pro7.99$/ mo
Prisma pro29.99$/ year 
Prisma price table

Artistic Filters & Effects

Picsart Pro and Prisma Pro offer unique filters and effects for users to make the content more pretty. But the filters and effects of Prisma are better than Picsart. So now we can say that the Prisma Photo editing app is the king of artistic filters and effects.

Social Community and Sharing

Picsart offers a dedicated Picsart community of editors where they can take part in different challenges and can also share their artistic work in the community, After that other experienced users give feedback on their work. Prisma’s social community only lets Prisma creators to share their work and filter photos in the community. 

No watermark 

In the free versions of both the apps when you export the photo the watermark will appear. But if you want to get the edited image without the watermark, So then you need a subscription.

Image export options

In the Picsart Gold APK, you can export images in numerous formats such as PNG, JPG, WEBP, TIFF, GIF, and much more.on the other hand, when you export the image in  Prisma you face fewer format options. After exporting the edited photo, you can share it with your friends and relatives as well.

Regular Updates and Customer Support

Picsart and Prisma both allow customer support. You can get help from support when stuck in a problem. Both applications are regularly updated.

Comparison Table: PicsArt APK vs. Prisma APK

Photo Editing Apps Comparison
Features PicsArt Prisma
Platform iOS, Android, Windows iOS, Android, Windows
Cost Free with optional purchases Free with optional purchases
User Interface Easy to use with many options Simple and straightforward
Editing Abilities Many tools for editing and combining photos Offers creative filters and effects
Photo Tools Filters, effects, layers, stickers, text, drawing Various artistic filters and effects
Artistic Filters Basic filters with artistic styles Diverse artistic filters inspired by famous artists
AI-Powered Effects Smart effects, background removal, GIF creation Uses AI for unique artistic effects
Community & Sharing Community for sharing and discovering artwork Platform for sharing and exploring creations
Collaboration Allows collaborative editing Doesn’t support collaborative editing
Export Options Share and export high-quality images Export high-quality images
Subscription PicsArt Gold for extra features Prisma Premium for more filters
Support & Updates Regular updates with improvements Regular updates with new filters

Features of Picsart Pro Mod APK

  • Bulk Image Processing 
  • AI Image Upscalers
  • AI Text Generators
  • Animation
  • Banner Maker
  • Business Card
  • Drawing
  • Graphic Design
  • Meme Generators
  • Poster Maker
  • Social Media Video
  • Video Making
  • AI Image Generators
  • Image Processing
  • AI Object Removers
  • AI Writing Tool
  • AI Background Remover and Changer 
  • Brochure Maker
  • Collage Makers
  • Logo Design
  • Photo Editing
  • Social Media Graphics

Features of the Prisma App 

  • Creative and Artist Inspired Filters 
  • AI Filters and Effects 
  • Photographic filters
  • AI Design
  • Face Editing
  • Photo Editing
  • Image Processing
  • Works Offline


Piscart APK and Prisma APK are the two best Photo editing apps. Picsart Premium has a wide range of editing tools that help users to make unique designs. whereas Prisma is famous for its artistic filters and effects. Now select one app from them and start the journey of editing without wasting time.

FAQs: Picsart vs Prisma

A:Yes, the Prisma editor helps to blur the background of the photo.

A:Picsart reduces the photo quality a little bit during export. 

A:Yes Prisma APK provides a lot of Artistic filters to users.

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