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Quicktools by Picsart

If you are in search of that amazing tool that converts PNG images into JPG for web sharing, SVG for vector graphics, and PDF for professional documents. So I will tell an outstanding tool present in the Picsart app called Quicktools. It converts your photo into a desired format in a second.

Picsart Quicktools is a popular online converter tool easily available to users. It has a wide range of converter tools such as PNG to JPG, SVG, PDF converter, MP4 to MP3, WEBM to MP4,  PDF to Word converter, and many more options. So now let’s explain all these formats in detail.

What is Quicktools by Picsart?

The quick tool is one amazing feature of the Picsart application. It allows users to turn the photo from PNG to any other format like JPG, SVG, or PDF format free of cost. It also contains AI generative tools like articles, scripts, prompts, and email writers. It also includes other Papular tools such as image sharpener tools and online profile photo tools making it the best online converter tool.

In this article, we will discuss all the features of Quicktools in detail. We will also learn the method to convert PNG image format into JPG format and vice versa. So let’s start!

Converter Tools by Quicktools by Picsart

Image Converter Tools by Quicktools by Picsart

Image Converter ToolsFeatures
JPG to PDFConvert JPG images to PDF format
HEIC to JPGConvert HEIC images to JPG format
PDF to WordConvert PDF documents to Word format
MOV to MP4Convert MOV videos to MP4 format
Word to PDFConvert Word documents to PDF format
PNG to SVGConvert PNG images to SVG format
JPG to PNGConvert JPG images to PNG format
PPT to PDFConvert PowerPoint presentations to PDF format
MP4 to MP3Convert MP4 videos to MP3 audio format
SVG to PNGConvert SVG images to PNG format
PNG to JPGConvert PNG images to JPG format
PDF to JPGConvert PDF documents to JPG format
Excel to PDFConvert Excel spreadsheets to PDF format
PNG to PDFConvert PNG images to PDF format
WebM to MP4Convert WebM videos to MP4 format
MKV to MP4Convert MKV videos to MP4 format

Text Related Tools by Quicktools by Picsart

Text Related ToolsFeatures
SymbolsAccess a library of symbols and special characters
Add Text to Photo ToolEasily add text to your images
Word Font GeneratorGenerate unique font styles for text
Emoji Generator CounterGenerate emojis and count their usage
Word CounterCount the number of words in a given text

AI Tools by Quicktools by Picsart (AI Writer)

AI Writer Tools by PicsartFeatures
Generate Text (Article, Email, etc.)Generate various types of text using AI algorithms
Grammar CheckerCheck grammar and syntax errors in text
Paraphrase ToolRewrite text in different words while maintaining meaning
Hashtags GeneratorGenerate relevant hashtags for social media posts
Story IdeasGenerate ideas for stories and creative writing
Script WriterGenerate scripts for videos, films, or presentations
Summarizer ToolSummarize long texts or articles
Ideas GeneratorGenerate creative ideas across various domains
Caption GeneratorGenerate captions for images or social media posts
Free Business Name GeneratorGenerate unique names for businesses or projects
Marketing Tools (Ad Copy, Articles, Email)Tools for generating marketing content

Quick Tools by Picsart Design Tools

Picsart Design ToolsFeatures
Profile Picture MakerCreate or edit profile pictures
Calendar MakerGenerate custom calendars
Add Text to PhotoAdd text to images
Free Online Ad MakerCreate advertisements for online platforms
Color PaletteGenerate color palettes
Sharpen ImageEnhance image sharpness

What is PNG Format?

PNG stands for Portable Network is a famous photo format that is known for its lossless compression and support for transparent backgrounds. PNG files keep images looking clear and sharp, Even if you zoom them. Most photos with no backgrounds are saved in PNG format.

What is the JPG Format?

JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. This format can compress while maintaining the visual content. This tool is utilized widely for pictures on the web, social media platforms, and in different apps due to its flexibility and compatibility with various devices.

JPG vs PNG Image Quality? Which is better?

PNG and JPG are two useful image formats. Both formats have different use cases.  Web developers mostly use PNG format because of its transparency options, high-quality illustrations, and multi-purpose use.  Whereas JPG is the best option for professional photographers because of its ability to retain sharpness and photo compressibility. 

Here is a comprehensive and organized comparison of PNG VS JPG in a tabular format.

File SizeLarger file sizeSmaller file size
TransparencySupports transparencyDoes not support transparency
Color DepthSupports 24-bit and 32-bit colorSupports 24-bit color
Suitable ForImages with sharp edgesPhotographs, natural scenes
Use CasesWeb graphics, logos, iconsPhotographs, detailed images
Image QualityLossless compressionPhotographs, natural scenes

How to Convert PNG to JPG by Online Quick Tools

Quicktools of Picsart Mod APK is the perfect tool for those creators who usually want to convert PNG to JPG or JPG to PNG. This free online photo converter format allows editors to access other conversion and AI design tools freely.

Create High-Quality Web Graphics

PNG is the most acceptable format for high-quality website designs because of its quality work, which offers edge and photo quality better than JPG.  The image in the PNG format does not lose the quality after uploaded. Further, the transparency of PNG makes it ideal for low-quality images, logos, and website stuff. Moreover, it provides visual clearness and incredible transparent backdrops.


This article is based upon one of the outstanding tool of Picsart mod APK  called Quick Tools. it helps us to convert PNG images into JPG SVG, and PDF images format easily. Quicktools by Picsart has a more diverse range of conversion tools as debated in the blog.

Quicktools by Picsart is the most useful and free solution for all conversions required for design. In this article, we have also discussed the comparison between PNG and JPG formats in detail. At last, if you have any questions about this topic you can ask in the comments.

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