How to Add Fonts to your Photos in Picsart

How to Add Fonts to your Photos

Fonts play an important role in making a good impression on readers. If your fonts are gorgeous, there is a greater possibility that users will stop on your article, the fonts are very helpful to enhance the ordinary work. Picsart is well-known for its classical and innovative fonts and offers many fonts free of cost.

Many custom fonts in the Picsart software are easily integrated with photos and videos. The app offers a wide range of custom fonts such as stylish fonts for birthdays, memes, and eye-catching fonts for the promotion of brands. In this blog, I will explain How to Add Fonts to your Photos in Picsart.

Two ways to add the fonts in Picsart

Do you want to use new fonts for your Picsart projects? Let me give you some important details about it and tell you how to do that simply:

How to Add Fonts to your Photos Using Your Own Fonts 

Using Your Own Fonts 

  • Find good-quality fonts from any safe website.
  • Now download all the fonts on your mobile phone. 
  •  Find the downloaded fonts in a zip folder and unzip your favorite fonts.
  • Now go to the Picsart app, click on the text option, and you can get the option to import font. Unlock the file, and use your favorite fonts.
How to Add Fonts to your Photos Using PicsArt’s Fonts

Using PicsArt’s Fonts

  • open the text tool in the Picsart app.
  • here you find a lot of amazing fonts, pick your favorite font related to your project.
  • Now adjust the size, and color of the fonts for better results.
  • use the font according to your need.

Pro tips for using custom fonts effectively 

  • pick up the fonts that look good with your Photo.
  • use bold and large fonts at the start of the Photo.
  • Don’t use too many fonts in the photo
  • Use your fonts consistently throughout your design. Don’t use them randomly.
  • Alway use simple fonts 
  • Try out various fonts and sizes to see what looks best before you conclude your design.


In this article,  we have briefly discussed Adding custom fonts to your image in PicsArt With just a few simple steps, you can add a unique touch to your images and make them special. In the blog, I explain how to use your favorite custom fonts in the Picture. By obeying the Pro tips you can uniquely adjust the fonts. if you want to know about more new features of Picsart Mod APK daily visit my website.


A:Yes, the method of adding custom fonts to PicsArt is the exact same for both Android and iPhone devices.

A:You can find free fonts On Picsart efficiently and there are a lot of websites on Google from which you download your favorite fonts.

A:If you download the custom font from any safe place, so without any hesitation use the custom fonts.

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