How to make stickers on PicsArt

In today’s digital world, it is very common to use stickers during chat. if you are using stickers while chatting with your friends or family. It adds a funny touch to your communication. In this article, I will explain how to make stickers on the picsart app.

In this application, I will guide you about a fantastic feature of the Picsart application, In which you only put the text and it will turn into stickers. When you Post All these adorable stickers on social media platforms, you will see that the platform will boost in a day and look attractive.

PicsArt Stickers: let’s learn about them

No Doubt PicsArt is a golden platform for users where they can boost their creativity. Here the users may have fun by creating different Art. In the app, we have outstanding library stickers that are designed with many unique features to motivate and attract audiences.  

We can use these stickers during conversations with our friends or family members and may do fun and entertainment. In the app, we have different kinds of stickers such as celebrity, Korean text, neon text, stylistic, colored, and aesthetic stickers etc. There are two types of stickers on the Picsart application.

PicsArt free stickers 

 If somebody is broke and wants to use the stickers during chat. So the Picsart free version offers users many free stickers. The creator can use stickers such as emojis, shapes, back to school, waves, symbols, and many other unique stickers without any cost.

PicsArt premium stickers

All the premium stickers are designed by professional artists. To get the paid stickers you need the subscription PicsArt Gold APK. The premium stickers include Arrows, 3D emojis, collages, frames, masks, and many more. You can use all these stickers in the premium plan.

Unleashing Creativity-The Art and Of Custom Stickers

Picsart allows users another golden opportunity in that they can customize the sticker according to their own choice and these are called custom stickers. The custom stickers help editor to enhance their creativity by making decent photos, and adding some authentic graphic designs.

make stickers on PicsArt using mobile

How to make stickers on PicsArt using mobile

  • First open the the Picsart application on your Mobile phone and click on the (  + ) icon to begin a new project.
  • Now pick up the Photo from your device gallery.
  • with the help of the crop tool adjust the size of the photo.
  • Remove the background from the cropped image with the help of an eraser tool. 
  • if you want to make your sticker better, So adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue of the sticker to make it more ideal.
  • After your satisfaction save the custom sticker.
make your stickers on PicsArt on the web

How to make your stickers on PicsArt on the web?

  • First visit the Picsart official website and log in if you have an account already or sign up if you don’t have an account.
  • Now click on the upload button and select the photo that you want to turn into the sticker.
  • Crop the photo according to your need and after that remove the background with the help of the BG remover tool.
  • To get the best result Adjust the other settings to the Sticker such as brightness, contrast, saturation, shadow, highlight, etc.
  •  save the edited sticker in a PNG file if you prefer to maintain a background for your stickers.

How to add text sticker in PicsArt

Now we are going to learn about how to make attractive stickers from text. So stay with me!

  • click on the text tool (T) present in the sidebar of the app.
  • Now you are seeing a lot of attractive designs of text, select the best one.
  • Rewrite the content according to your needs.
  • Now adjust the font, color, size background, and alignments of the sticker.
  • save the sticker and share it with friends.

Where you can utilize the customs stickers 

  • you can post your custom stickers on social media platforms and boost them and gain popularity.
  • You may have fun while using the stickers in the chatting.
  • There are a lot of stickers of animals and birds that can be used in schools to make the lesson more attractive and less boring.
  • With the help of stickers you can even express your feeling as well.
  • you can take the print of stickers and use them on the back of laptops or any other equipment.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

  • Use high-resolution photos and avoid stretching small images.
  • Adjust the sticker dimensions to fit your canvas.
  • Utilize the remover tool carefully to refine your stickers.
  • Adjust the layers appropriately
  • Manage the font size and spacing.
  • Always keep your app updated.
  • Remove the cache, or install the app again.
  • Analyze the file format compatibility.
  • Get help from the professional users of the Picsart community.


Picsart Mod APK is a world-popular editing app with a wide range of editing tools. In this article, I explain” how to make stickers on Picsart” in detail. We introduce our main keyword with two types. After that, we learn three methods of creating custom stickers. Then we cover our two other main headings Where you can utilize the customs stickers, Troubleshooting Common Issues in detail.


A:Yes, the Sticker Maker tool is free, but you must need a subscription to utilize pre-designed stickers

A:Yes, you can make stickers from the online web editor tool.

A:Yes, you can edit the sticker on Picsart.

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