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 Download Old Versions PicsArt APK



Old Versions PicsArt APK


 Old Versions PicsArt APK

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Picsart is an outstanding editing platform famous for photo editing. Do you ever think about how it was before updates? Now We’re going back in time to see how PicsArt used to be and find out each old version with special stories. 

The new filters of the PicsArt app are so cool. Now when we go back in time and thick when every filter felt like a new and exciting discovery. That’s what Download PicsArt Old Versions are about. In this article, I will discuss the old versions of PicsArt software with you. So let’s begin!

Download Old Versions PicsArt APK

PicsArt v22.8.3 PicsArt v22.7.4 PicsArt v22.6.8 PicsArt v22.6.7
Picsart v23.7.7 PicsArt v22.9.5 PicsArt v22.8.4 

Why We Need PicsArt Older Versions?

Many people prefer PicsArt’s old version for different reasons. The main reason is that many people have an old operating system in which the old version of Picsart works very smoothly. The second reason is users may have devices that cannot handle the demands of the latest news updates, making the older versions a good choice.

All the versions of PicsArt provide similar content with small differences. People who have been using the PicsArt app for a long time might feel more satisfied with the interface, features, and tools of the older versions. Many features or editing tools available in older versions may have been modified, removed, or replaced by newer updates. 

PicsArt Old Versions


Following are the old versions of Picsart for Android. Pick one of them that is compatible with your device. 

Picsart v23.7.7

PicsArt v23.7.7 is a photo and video editing software with a wide number of features for both creative and skilled creators. It includes different types of editing tools such as stickers, filters, effects, templates Text, and as well as more advanced features such as background remover, glitch art effects, and portrait editing tools making this version more worthy.

Key features of PicsArt v23.7.7

AI Background Removal Tools

This version offers new AI-powered tools for background removal and object selection, making it easier to separate elements in your pictures and films. With the help of these tools, users can create professional-looking  collages and edits 

Improved Performance And Stability

It includes several performance and stability modifications, making the application faster and more trustworthy.  This is particularly apparent on older devices.

Bug Fixes

To enhance the editor’s comprehensive editing experience, developers fix some bugs that were noted in previous versions. You can utilize this version without any distractions.

PicsArt v22.9.5

The update of Picsart v22.9.5 Creative Playground brings features like stickers, filters, and effects that turn your picture into a piece of art. Whether you are a seasoned PicsArt lover or a newcomer to the creative scene, this version of the Picsart app, unleashed everything for users.

Features of PicsArt v22.9.5

AI-Powered Tools 

Picsart offers Al-powered tools which are used to remove the background of the images, and for object selection,  making it easier to isolate parts in your photographs and films. Using these smart tools you can make your images better.

Improved Performance and Stability

Here you can edit your photo without any lags or hesitations. The updates of this version make the Picsart software faster and smoother. Whether you are adding cool filters and details to your photos to improve them, everything just works better.

Bug Fixes

All the annoying bugs are buried in this version to make your PicsArt experience bug-free. From small problems to tough glitches, cleaning up the digital cobwebs. Now You can use this version without any distractions.

PicsArt v22.8.4 

Just like other versions Picsart v22.8.4 also includes many features and enhancements. Like new glitch art effects for making outstanding and eye-catching edits, stability, and improved performance.

PicsArt v22.8.4 Unique Features

Glitch Art Effects

Glitch art is a type of digital art that uses deliberate errors and distortions to make amazing and visually attractive effects. The new glitch art effects in PicsArt v22.8.4 make it easy to create these effects with just a few clicks.

Performance & Stability Improvements

PicsArt 22.8.4 also includes several performance and stability modifications. The software works smoother than the other versions. 

Bug Fixes

In this version, Developers remove all the glitches and bugs that were reported by PicsArt’s fans. there are no glitches and bugs that were seen in the other version.

PicsArt v22.8.3

It is an awesome entertaining version that comes with updates and modifications. It was released on July 25, 2023. In this version, you can use different types of stickers and effects to make your edits more innovative. In the version, you can share the content directly on social media platforms which was not available in previous versions.

Features of PicsArt v22.8.3

Dive into Collage Magic with PicsArt v22.8.3

The new collage feature of Picsart updates Change your images into gorgeous stories. you can create a collage while using frames, shapes, and images within a few minutes. you can add filters,  effects, and Pictures, and change the background of the collage.

100+ Templates to Explore

PicsArt v22.8.3 offers users 100+ templates of different styles. It has a variety of templates categorized into social media, marketing, personal, printable, and company themes.PicsArt has the option to filter these templates and choose which you want, helping you to select the perfect one according to your requirement 

Faster and More Reliable

The version’s performance is faster and more reliable than previous versions. Plus, it provides users with an innovative journey that flows seamlessly without any distractions.

PicsArt v22.7.4

This version introduces AI-powered portrait editing tools representing a major jump in terms of photo editing capabilities,  assigning users to achieve high-quality edits. Furthermore, the performance and stability improvement greatly enhanced the overall creator experience, making PicsArt a more trustworthy and delightful platform for innovative expression.

Features of PicsArt v22.7.4

New AI-powered Portrait Editing Tools 

These tools use artificial intelligence to automatically notice and improve facial features, making it easier than ever to achieve good-looking outcomes.

Enhanced Performance and Stability

The version’s performance is faster and more reliable than the previous version. The software works smoother and faster than the other versions. Here you can edit your photo without any lags or hesitations.

Improved Text Editing Tools

In this version, creators have great control over the text layout because Picsart v22.7.4  offers many fonts for text.

Refined Sticker 

The app lets users many refined stickers, that users can use during the editing to bring a creative look to the content. 

PicsArt v22.6.8

PicsArt v22.6.8 marked an important step in improving the app’s user experience and innovative capabilities. It also offers new stickers packs which users can use to create amazing edits.   Furthermore, the performance and stability modifications provided a more seamless and trustworthy editing workflow.

Features of PicsArt v22.6.8

New Sticker Packs for Adding Fun and Creative Elements to your Edits

PicsArt v22.6.8 offers different types of new sticker packs, providing users with a vast collection of enjoyable, innovative, and expressive features to improve their edits. These stickers ranged from active emojis and animals to stylish pictures and patterns, catering to diverse tastes and editing styles.

Refined Drawing and Sketching Tools

Drawing and sketching tools acquired improvements, Letting users make more explicit and detailed artwork within the application.

Expanded Font Options

A wide range of font options was introduced, offering users greater choice in adding text overlays to their edits.

PicsArt v22.6.7

PicsArt v22.6.7 marked an important advancement in the app’s ability to support expressive painting creation. The introduction of new drawing and sketching tools empowered creators to express their creativity and produce detailed graphics and sketches directly within the PicsArt application.

Features of PicsArt v22.6.7

New Drawing and Sketching Tools for Creating Expressive Artwork

It offers a wide range of new drawing and sketching tools, allowing users to make expressive and detailed paintings directly within the app. These tools included a variety of brushes, pencils, and erasers, providing users with the flexibility to achieve their desired creative style.

Improved AI-Powered Magic Effects

AI-powered magic effects received improvement, resulting in more gorgeous and visually pretty visual effects.

Expanded Filter Options

A wide range of filters was introduced, providing users with more innovative possibilities for improving their photo edits.


 Let’s sum up our discussion PicsArt’s older versions are very much a comfortable place for many creators. The old versions work better on older devices. many people have used the old versions for a long time that is why they are familiar spaces for them. These versions hold favorite tools and features that might have been altered in newer updates.
If you have a new device then I suggest you download the PicsArt mod APK from my websites. it is the latest version of PicsArt that offers so many advanced editing tools. That helps you to make a professional-looking photo.


A: people prefer using the old version of the PicsArt app because the old version works best on older devices.

A:yes! The older versions still work. they might not acquire updates, potentially showing a less protected or optimized experience.

A:All the older versions are provided on Click the link to download and install the version that you like.