PicsArt vs Snapseed: Which editor is perfect in 2024

PicsArt vs Snapseed

If you want to become a superb and creative artist but still need clarification about the best editing software? There are so many photo-editing applications in the market but it is challenging for creators to pick the most suitable one. In this article, I will compare the two world-class editing apps Picsart and Snapseed with You People. Both have their own strengths and weaknesses.

PicsArt is a tremendous editing application. Nowadays it ranks continuously in the world of photo editing because its interface is user-friendly and has many easy to master tools. On the other way, Snapseed is a famous tool with many amazing filters and effects. Both apps work great and make your simple picture outstanding. Here a question arises that is better for you.

In this article, we are going to compare both software to know which is better. So come and dive deep with us!

PicsArt vs Snapseed: Overview

PicsArt is a gladful editing application. it was developed by an American businessman in November 2011. The app is just like a playground where the user has fun with different filters, effects stickers, elements, and templates during editing.

It has also the ability to edit your date, title, and popularity making it more attractive the latest version provides us with several advanced tools.  It includes many things such as image thumbnails, editing tools for colors, text, size, brightness/darkness, HD resolution, full-screen mode sharing on social media or via e-mail cropping, background, and more. once you start editing here you will fall into the vast sea of advanced editing tools by picsart.

On the other hand, Snapseed is a familiar editing tool developed in June 2011 by Nik Software. In the beginning phase, it was only for iPad users but later in 2012, it was established for Android as well. It helps users to create professional-looking designs. There are a lot of modern editing tools on the app like resolution, color setting, adjustment of brightness, AI tools, and numerous unique filters and effects.

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Comparison Of PicsArt Vs Snapseed

Check out PicsArt and Snapeed to see which editing app is our superstar. We are going to compare some basic features of both applications so now without wasting time let’s begin!

PicsArt vs Snapseed

Picsart vs Snapseed: Ease of Use

PicsArt is a just like playground where you have fun with different features like template sticker filters and effects. And here on a few tapes, you can make a creative design. It works on the drag-and-drop principle. Besides that, everyone can get help from the sidebar toolkit easily if I say PicsArt is a good choice for Newbies it would not be wrong.

On the other side, Snapseed provides us clean and arranged layout. You can do anything using all different types of tools because editing tools are highly user-friendly. However, all the editing tools by Snapseed Software are easy to use but make sure that few tools demand a photography background.

Both apps are easy to use. Snapseed’s particular controls and professional-grade tools allow for more convoluted adjustments, making it ideal for users seeking deeper image clarification

PicsArt vs Snapseed

PicsArt vs Snapseed: Availability & Device Compatibility

PicsArt is available for multiple devices such as Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows as well, making it available to a wide audience. If you want to work on a larger screen then Picsart is the best option for you.

On the other hand, Snapseed is also accessible to both Android and IOS but in the case of Windows or Mac, it does not have a dedicated version like Picsart. Snapseed is mainly for mobile users, which can be a limitation for those people who prefer to work on a desktop.

PicsArt vs Snapseed

PicsArt vs. Snapseed: Editing Tools

If you want fun and check your creativity, use PicsArt because it offers you a number of tools, thousands of filters, effects, stickers, templates, elements, and other beautiful features. In the free version, it provides you with limited tools. In making an imaginative and artistic design 16 tools are more than enough. For making a masterpiece a maximum number of tools is not required, it only depends on your skills.

In comparison, Snapseed provides almost 29 advanced editing tools without money like brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, filters, and style to make your photo awesome. you can also write some details to your photo with the help of a very amazing feature known as is like magic for your picture.

PicsArt vs Snapseed

PicsArt vs Snapseed: Tutorials

PicsArt offers us a library of guidelines and tutorials within the application. Along with the tutorial, you can cover a lot of topics from the FAQs section. It covers every point step by step with instructions that help the users during their editing journey and it is just like a treasure box for an editor that makes their editing easy By using these instructions you can create an artistic and creative picture by yourself.

Snapseed does not provide a complete tutorial library just like PicsArt. It only includes the tooltip and a short explanation of editing tools in the application. While editing a design these tooltips provide the guidelines. Snapseed benefits from its community of users who convey tips and tricks online, so you can find outward tutorials and guides made by Snapseed lovers.

PicsArt vs Snapseed

PicsArt vs. Snapseed: Filter Effects

Picart provides us with a wide number of thematic filers. You can play with these outstanding filters and make masterpieces of art through your own creativity you can also create special content for the social media platform. Another good point is that you can apply the filter on the specific part of the image and video which will make your editing precise.

Snapseed offers us very limited but high-quality filters. If you see the natural look in the images use these professional and beautiful filters Snapseed’s filters can be customized to different degrees, allowing for accurate control over their intensity and application.

PicsArt vs Snapseed

PicsArt vs Snapseed: Pricing

PicsArt offers both free and paid versions. In the free, it provides us with a wide number of editing tools such as templates, stickers, filers, and basic creative elements. Further, the free version includes a watermark when we save the image. The paid version offers you additional features and also provides you with ade free environment and here you can save the image without a watermark.

Snapseed is all-time free. All the advanced editing tools and features are open without any charge or subscription. Google, the company behind Snapseed, suggests this strong photo-editing app as a free resource to users.

PicsArt vs Snapseed

RAW Support: Unleash the Power of Your Camera

PicsArt doesn’t instantly support RAW files, its oversupply of tools and clever features permit you to take edited photos to new peaks.

Snapseed delivers native support for RAW files. With the help of this editor easily seek the flexibility and quality of the image. With Snapseed, you can be captured by your camera.

PicsArt vs Snapseed

PicsArt vs Snapseed: Templates

PicsArt offers us a variety of templates categorized into social media, marketing, personal, printable, and company themes.  PicsArt has the option to filter these templates and select which you want, helping you to choose the perfect one according to your requirement 

On the other hand, Snapseed does not provide us with pre-made templates like Picsart. It mainly focuses on providing you with powerful tools to enhance your image. Snapseed may not have templates for social media posts or graphic design. So again here I prefer Picsart.

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PicsArt Vs Snapseed: Pros And Cons

Pros and Cons of PicsArt


The app allows creators an ad-free environment. Then they easily concentrate on their task..

The Picsart support is always accessible to all users. The editors can take help by the support for any specific problem

 It updates regularly so the users may get fresh and unique data.

The user of PicsArt can get premium options like stickers, frames, backgrounds, and more.

  It offers multiple types of wonderful filters and effects.

The software has a user-friendly interface.

It also helps you to create different complex images.

The application allows users to capture the the photo directly from the app.

it provides AL generated editing suggestions.


Some features of Picsart need premium subscription.

The free version allows users a limited fonts.

Some image quality loss during export. 

In the free version you may face so many ads.

This application is very large and it has taken up much space after being installed on a mobile.

if you want to remove the watermark , you need pro plan.

Pros & Cons of Snapseed


It Supports high-quality RAW photo editing.

without losing the quality you can easily revert changes

It is very effective to remove unwanted things.

It has a straightforward editing process.

It offers many tools without any subscription

Google continually updates Snapseed with modifications.

In your device it directly opens and edits your photo.


It lacks some advanced features that require professional editing

It contains periodic advertisements

It has limited filters.

It requires importing images for editing.

It May be harsh for newbie users.

It lacks social features like PicsArt.

Not as adaptable as dedicated drawing apps.


Now it is time to conclude our discussion about PicsArt vs Snapseed, both apps offer, unlike strengths. PicsArt is a creative playground, with a wide range of stickers, filters, and effects, making it a perfect platform for social media lovers. It makes easier for us to create graphics with its outstanding templates.

On the other side, Snapseed excels in particular photo editing with features like selective adjustments, RAW file support, and professional tools. It’s a favorite among photographers seeking adequate control over their images.

Your choice depends on your dreams. If you want to spark creativity and craftwork shareable visuals, go for PicsArt. If you’re after professional-level image editing, then go for Snapseed. Also, don’t forget to share with us in the comment section which tool is perfect for you.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

A:With the help of the Healing tool in Snapseed, it removes unwanted objects or people from a photo.

A:Yes, it supports RAW photo editing. With the help of RAW files, you can make advanced adjustments.

A:Yes, snapspeed is available for both Android and IOS devices.

A:Yes, PicsArt includes drawing and painting tools while using these tools we can draw and paint our photos.

A:When we save our edited photo, the original is always safe. Just tap “Export” to keep the masterpiece in the quality you like.

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